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Retuning My Leadership

Last weekend was our annual Leadership Rally which—if you’re not from our church—is a fun Friday evening and Saturday morning event where we have worship, ministry and workshops.

The purpose of the rally is to encourage and retune our leaders. The rally helped me to recalibrate my own leadership. On Saturday morning all the small group leaders—including me—took a group leadership assessment. My highest score was “Prayer.” My lowest score was “Empower.” It was helpful to realize this. Vicki and I talked. We have five regular attenders in our group and two of them are our host couple. So we haven’t seen a lot of places to give away leadership just yet. But I realized, as we talked about things, that we could give away the snack coordinating to the other gal and that I could ask the host husband to coordinate our involvement with SeniorCare. He’s excited that our small group is helping with this nursing home ministry. Coordinating it is a small thing but it’s one less thing for me to think about. These are small but significant steps in retuning our leadership and our group.

Does your leadership need a tune up? Where is your leadership and small group strong—Praying, Reaching Out, Caring or Empowering? Where is it weak? What can you do to improve in the weak area?


3 Responses to Retuning My Leadership

  1. Stephanie Davenport March 13, 2008 at 1:40 am #

    Hey Jim,Thanks for being real and allowing us to see that our small group pastor experiences the same things that we do! 🙂 I was thinking along the same lines  Saturday morning. Our small group is only about 7 weeks old now, so I was wondering who I could give stuff away to. I did figure out that we have a couple of ladies who are interested in outreach, so I gave them some kindess outreach materials on Sunday night and asked them to help plan our first outreach and they seemed really excited about it.

  2. Anonymous March 13, 2008 at 4:22 am #

    thanks for sharing that Jim…….i too would be high in prayer and evangelism but low in empowering………haven’t been trained a lot on that yet.   the churches where ronnie and i pastored we were use to doing everything.    those were the churches where the pastor and his wife had to do everything.     so glad we are in a vineyard where everybody gets to play……..    kirsten

  3. Paul March 28, 2008 at 6:02 am #

    We didn’t take assessments in Revolution 🙁

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