On this page I’ve included some multisite church resources that we have found or developed which I think you will find helpful. I’ve also started a MultiSite Forum on Facebook for us to share ideas with each other. You can join in by “liking” the Facebook page.


Guidelines, Policies & Manuals

Vineyard Multi-Campus Guidelines 3-2014

Seacoast Guidelines for Campus Growth – Fall 2011

Seacoast Staffing Matrix 2010

Sample Campus Launch Timeline

Our Campus Pastor/Church Planter Track

Multisite Manual Outlining Guidelines

Pastoral Staff Handbook Sept 2013

Operations and Support Staff Handbook Sept 2013


Report on Hitchhikers Guide to Multisite

Report on Multi-site Exposed Webinar 1

Report on Multi-site Exposed Webinar 2

Multisite Is Multiplying Report by Leadership Network

Job Descriptions for Central Support Roles

Campus Director Job Descriptions

Multisite Church Internet Resources