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Simultaneously Expand Your Impact and Make Your Life Easier

If you are a ministry leader there is one thing that you can do that will both greatly increase your impact AND make your life easier. What is it? Raising up other leaders to your level. Raising up other leaders lightens your load and multiplies your impact. Although it tremendously eases our work load down […]

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Slow Down (and Accomplish More)

Last Sunday evening I visited our church’s School of Kingdom Ministry which is a weekly three-hour program that trains people in supernatural ministry like healing and prophecy. As usual, the first half of the class was teaching and the second half was practice. At the end of the teaching portion of the class I spoke […]

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Stop! (And Get Refreshed)

I’m 55, and 6 weeks ago my wife Vicki and I began doing something we wish we had started doing 35 years ago. Maybe you are already doing this, or maybe my encouragement can help you get this right a lot sooner than we did. What did we begin doing? We started taking a real […]

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